SECTORS: Energy & PPP Practice
Attorneys at MENA City Lawyers - MCL have comprehensive technical expertise in conjunction with extensive experience in representing oil and gas companies located across the Middle East and GCC regions. We are a full-service legal practice committed to achieving excellent outcomes on behalf of our clients.
Our firm's legal expertise in the field of oil and gas encompasses an upstream, midstream and downstream advisory practice which provides legal advice to a wide range of local and international oil and gas exploration and service companies. Our broad range of clients includes corporate entities, investments funds and government agencies.
Clients seek our advice on every aspect of oil and gas transactional and operational issues in the Middle East, GCC and other regions of the world. The services we provide range from licensing, joint venture and project contracting to construction and service contracts, including acquisition, disposal, farm-in, oil and gas transportation, marketing and sales. We also provide due diligence services and work production sharing and utilization across the entire value chain.
MCL boasts a well established reputation for excellence within the network of public and private industry leaders including oil and gas companies, industry professionals, government and regulatory bodies. Through our work, we have built strong long-term relationships across the sector and constantly aim at remaining fully updated on regulatory developments that affect our clients' interests. As a result, we are experienced in assisting clients with wide-ranging legal problems. We embrace many differing strategies that may be required in the context of issues such as fiscal terms and political risk and we work closely with local advisors and contacts to ensure the optimum results for our clients. 
MCL has a particular strength in the international focus of our services. This strength has been acquired through familiarity of working within many diverse legal jurisdictions in the Middle East, GCC, EU, North America and the CIS countries. We advise many multinationals who trust in the quality of our services as a unique Pan-Arab law firm with a broad local and international insight and expertise.. Hence, the perspectives of both the depth of our experience and our strategic location yield important advantages for our clients due to our applied methodology in identifying the best cost-effective means to achieve our clients’ goals.
  • Drafting, reviewing, as well as negotiating different agreements such as Concession Agreements for Petroleum Exploration, Gas Sales Agreements, Gas Processing Agreements and Licenses for Gas Transmission Pipeline Systems, Production Sharing Agreements;
  • Negotiation and drafting of Amicable Settlement Agreements;
  • Negotiation and drafting of Joint Operating Agreements, which govern the relationship between the operating and the non-operating contractors, their rights and obligations, especially during the implementation of an exclusive right for exploration and exploitation activities;
  • Assistance to new bidders wishing to enter into the oil and gas exploitation market;
  • Assistance to bidders during the pre-bid in preparation of tender documents in matters related to regulatory compliance;
  • Negotiation and drafting of Agreements between JV and/or Consortium Parties;
  • Applications for approval of projects and facilities including oil sands projects;
  • Licensing of natural gas exports;
  • Utility cost of capital, determination of pipeline tolls and tariffs, assessment of energy supply and requirements; and pipeline bypass.
  • Assisting in privatization of downstream hydrocarbon assets;
  • The permitting of oil and gas pipelines, gas processing facilities, petrochemical plants, and oil sands developments, often involving application and interpretation of environmental legislation;
  • The setting of gas utility rates and tariff provisions;
  • Affiliate relations and industry code of conduct matters;
  • Relevant corporate and commercial advice when/where applicable;
  • Advising across the total project chain, including lending, construction, finance, operations and maintenance agreements;
  • Advising on oil and gas investment plans upon a Client’s request to guarantee regulatory compliance on the one side, and risk assessment to our clients’ benefit vis-à-vis third parties on the other hand, whatever the form of investment may be – a limited partnership, JV or stock options.
Midstream & Downstream
  • Full-service assistance in the phases of project construction, commissioning and procurement;
  • Assistance during the construction phase of supply pipelines by end users;
  • Negotiation and drafting of SP, subcontractor and supplier contracts;
  • Tender monitoring of construction bids announced by majors;
  • Advising and assisting the clients during post-award negotiations;
  • Ring-fencing of regulated business activities of energy companies and the proposal licensing;
  • Project feasibility study;
  • Project due diligence;
  • Stakeholder consultations;
  • Detailed options analysis and recommendations;
  • Advising on the importation of LNG and subsequent use thereof in a power plant;
  • Advice on project structuring;
  • Acquisitions and investments, including farm-in, asset sale or share sale;
  • Legal counseling during the phases of marketing, sale and transportation;
  • Negotiation and drafting of lifting and gas balancing arrangements;
  • Assisting on tie-in arrangements and access to infrastructure;
  • Negotiation and drafting of rig and service contracts.
MCL simultaneously applies a horizontal project management system to allow for a multidisciplinary and integrated approach towards the timely completion of all tasks tailored towards the client’s project requirements. MCL partners work diligently with MCL lawyers and associates throughout our legal departments to provide a comprehensive service which is underlined by specialist local knowledge fused with extensive international legal experience. Hence, MCL's Oil & Gas team works closely with the Corporate, Construction, Competition, Banking & Finance and Litigation teams to provide a full-service cost-efficient service to the Client.