PRACTICES: Debt Recovery
MENA City Lawyers - MCL has a dedicated debt recovery team which provides a comprehensive range of debt collection and debt recovery services. MCL has many years experience handling debt recovery cases and understand that it is a vital aspect of business to recovery what one is owed. 
Over the years MCL has developed an efficient, cost effective approach to Debt Recovery that consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients.
MCL provide legal debt recovery services at the pre-litigation stage which includes conducting credit checks, and sending letters of demand. At the litigation stage, MCL assists with issuing summons to appear in court, attending the trial and representing the client, obtaining judgments or defending against a judgment, registering judgments and enforcing such judgments.
MCL also provide extensive legal services in relation to mortgages, bankruptcy and liquidations and in such cases, the Debt Recovery team works closely with the Corporate team to provide the client with the best possible legal advice.