PRACTICES: Corporate & Asset Structuring
MENA City Lawyers - MCL provides exceptional corporate advice tailored to the needs of our clients to ensure that our clients are protected and in full compliance with the law.
MCL lawyers strive to implement their creative mark and apply the latest techniques to structure the most convenient legal products which take into account the specific requirements of a particular business and the relevant jurisdiction.
MCL has acquired extensive professional experience in dealing with corporate restructuring and the transfer of ownership and management throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With offices in multiple MENA jurisdictions, we can efficiently facilitate international restructuring while ensuring consistently high-quality expertise.
Our corporate lawyers work closely with specialists in the banking, employment and regulatory departments to form cohesive multi-disciplinary international teams. We have particular experience in Mergers & Acquisitions (especially those with cross-border elements), public takeovers, IPOs, public-private partnerships, private equity, venture capitalism and joint ventures. 
MCL is a regional leader in structuring family wealth and we have advised a plethora of families of the MENA region on their wealth structuring, including establishing offshore foundations and trust funds.
MCL has a thriving corporate department which applies general corporate principles together with their financial implications. We take into account local laws and practices across the MENA region along with international law in order to create the most appropriate corporate structures to meet our clients’ business requirements.