PRACTICES: Tax Law & Financial Structuring
The MENA City Lawyers - MCL Tax and Financial Structuring department benefits from vast practical experience in diverse areas of tax law across the MENA region. It offers an integrated tax strategy plan to local and international clients for their various businesses, properties, real estate investments and corporate structures.
The MCL tax and financial structuring department is dedicated to providing clients with extremely efficient tax advice and professional tax analysis to fit their expectations in terms of tax mitigation and avoidance. This is only possible due to the commitment to the continual professional development of our lawyers. In doing so, we maintaining an in-depth localized knowledge of the tax law regulations in each respective jurisdiction.
The MCL Tax and Financial Structuring department advises on multi-jurisdictional taxation issues, money and funds transfer, VAT, tax exemptions, income tax, property tax, duty stamp tax, municipality tax, tax credits, tax planning, and tax savings. We are confident that we are able to provide the most tax-efficient structures for your personal wealth or business.